Tracy Shroyer, PhD is a lifelong learner, and is not afraid to let the world know. She developed the concept of Upskill University in 2020 amidst a cancer diagnosis AND the pandemic – something good HAS come from a ridiculously challenging year!

The purpose of Upskill University is to share skill-based learning opportunities, across various mediums. This forum will enable lifelong learners to put themselves out there, continue to learn and grow their personal and professional skill sets, and celebrate the results with others.

Whether  You  are  a  Lifelong  Learner,  an  Expert,  or  Both,
check  out  what  Upskill  University  has  to  offer!

Lifelong Learner

Are you a curious soul, always looking to learn something new, take on a challenge, or seek a better way to do something? You are rarely content trying
to do this thing people call “relaxing” – because you have a passion to continually enhance yourself and intrigued in being among like-minded people that will share, challenge, and celebrate that same spirit.   

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You read the headline, and may or may not use the word expert for what you know. You are too kind to yourself. If you are someone that has insight on a specific topic or topics, and is interested in finding a way to provide that knowledge to others so that they can learn, grow, and be successful, you are the expert we are seeking!  

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A  Big  Thank  You  

Remember that you get out of it what you put into it. Thank you in advance for your support and engagement as a lifelong learner at Upskill University! We look forward to “seeing you” and interacting within the virtual campus – and hopefully in person – with you in the days and months to come.