Become  an  Upskill  Ambassador  &  Earn  Cash!

Know someone who offers courses, workshops, certifications, or training to individuals on a certain topic? Click here for topic examples. We call these people EXPERTS!

Get $50.00 for every individual you refer that signs up to be an Expert with Upskill University!

Here’s how it works:

  • Share the referral offer with individuals you know on FaceBook and LinkedIn using the post template below.
  • The individual you refer must acknowledge your name first in the referral field in the Expert Application.
  • Every time an individual you refer becomes a registered Expert with Upskill University you will earn $50.00 USD via PayPal or Venmo.

The more individuals you refer, the more cash you could earn!


Social Media Post Template (for use on FaceBook or LinkedIn) – Use the full language, or just the second paragraph:

I know several of you are smart cookies with so much to offer here! There is a new and upcoming community for lifelong learners called Upskill University. Dr. Tracy Shroyer, the Founder & President, is looking to connect with individuals that offer courses, workshops, certifications, or training to individuals that may be interested in providing their services to lifelong learners within Upskill University.

There are quite a few of you that have great programs to offer within this community! Please take a look at and complete your Expert Application today. Don’t forget to mention me as the one that referred you!!

#learning #upskilluniversity