Through the Lens of Learning Podcast

You can access podcast episodes on any of the below podcast platforms. Video versions of the podcast are available on Spotify and on the Upskill U YouTube channel.

Interested in being a guest? If you believe you’d be a great guest for this vodcast, click here and fill out the Interest Form. We will reach out within 1-3 weeks to let you know if you’re selected. At that point, you’ll be giving a calendar link to schedule the recording.  


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On the Through the Lens of Learning podcast, Dr. Tracy talks with individuals open to sharing their learning journey, whether formal, informal, or a hybrid approach, as well as individuals that have an area of interest they have learned about, or are in the midst of learning about, and want to share their curiosity, learning, and insights.

These interviews are fairly informal. There are only 3 standard questions I ask guests: 

  • Tell us a little about yourself.
  • How do you define learning?
  • How can listeners connect with you if they are interested in following your journey, or learning more?